Personal Styling


I love to work one on one with clients to bring a highly personalized and comfortable styling service. What I believe in and what my personal styling and shopping service includes..

1.) Everyone has a different comfort level in terms of their own body and style type. I help to determine and define what that is, even if you don’t know it at first!
2.) Being fashionable doesn’t mean inconvenience. I believe in “efficient styling.” I help to provide different “templates” of outfits that provides the client ease in choosing what to wear everyday, but at the same time, a great variety of outfits.
3.) Fashion does not need to be expensive. I believe a small investment can bring you a long way, so I always take my clients shopping with their budgets in mind.
4.) Fashion should make you feel more confident. My goal is to make you excited to look in the mirror, and to make you feel more confident when you walk out the door in the morning.


If you’re interested in trying this out, I promise to try my best to help you achieve your goals with fashion! We’ll walk through your ideas, I’ll learn your style and comfort level, I’ll draft up outfit templates for you, then we’ll go for a full day of shopping!

I’m currently in the Toronto, ON area. If this works for you, send me over a note:
or, try out my personal styling app for free fashion recommendations personalized to you:
Generally, clients should expect to invest a minimum of $1000 on their first shopping trip with me. Depending on your needs, I charge $250-$500/day.